Marley Lane remains closed awaiting the road to be repaired. Latest from KCC Highways is that work will start at the end of January and last 6-10 weeks but is dependent upon the weather. The Parish Council urge residents to advise delivery agents of the state of the road and request for smaller vehicles to be used.

Two trees have come down just past the Heights Delight track taking part of the road with it. Work is due to start on the 7th of January and last just over two weeks, again dependent upon the weather.

Agenda for next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting is being held at 7pm on Monday the 1st of February via Zoom.  Any members of the public wishing to join the meeting, should email Councillor Laura Spencer at  no later than 6.00pm on Friday 29th January

Minutes 4 January 2021

Broadband Fibre Project

Cllr Chatley reported that he has received a number of emails from Openreach. One stated that Kingswood Farm & Kingswood Manor farm were served by Stelling Minnis exchange and were removed from our list. A second email from them stated that Reed Mill, The Mill Tower, Westwood Farm & Little Westwood Farm had already applied separately and were also removed from our list.

A third email gave an initial quote of £498,222 which we have calculated to be 72 properties, if they get the £7000 grants available. Cllr Chatley had spoken to the KCC Project manager who advised that we request a formal quote and send her the initial proposal. Cllr Chatley has requested that Openreach supply a formal quote and is still awaiting a response from the KCC Project Manager.